Turn your Apple power adapter into a plug mounted MagSafe dock! This dock attaches to the Apple 35W Dual USB-C Compact Power Adapter to transform it into a compact MagSafe dock that can charge your iPhone on any outlet and the integrated cable management keeps it nice and tidy.

Since the power adapter has two USB-C ports you will also have an extra port free to charge your tablet, laptop, or other device at the same time! Perfect for home or travel, the DC1 will serve double duty as a tidy all-in-one MagSafe dock and general USB-C charger for everything else. The plug for the MagSafe cable locks the charger in place when using it as a dock and a hole in the front makes it easy to push the charger out when you want to use it separately.

You can install the power adapter in four different orientations to change the direction of the cables and the MagSafe charger and suit any outlet. This makes it easy to use in crowded situations without blocking other outlets, and you can choose to hide the USB-C plugs behind the MagSafe dock or have them exposed for easy access.

Power adapter and MagSafe charger are not included.

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