The HP1 is an easy way to cleanly mount your HomePod mini to the wall. The rubber foot of the HomePod mini fits tightly into a custom indent for a secure fit that holds the HomePod mini without needing a full-sized shelf. This mount is a great way to set up a discreet surround sound system with a stereo pair or to just place a HomePod mini in a small space where you don’t have room for it on a table The wall side of the mount has a channel perfectly sized to route the HomePod mini power cable down the back and straight out of the bottom. This item is printed with premium filament at an increased density to make a product that is more than strong enough to bear the weight of a HomePod mini securely.

HomePod mini is not included.

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3D Printed Item

This is a 3D printed item and the creation process can result in small imperfections or minor variations in surface finish and texture. We have a high standard for print quality and inspect each item and finish it by hand before shipping it to you.

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