This modular dock turns your MagSafe Battery Pack into a handy wireless charging magnetic dock. When you’re ready to go, just slide the battery pack out and take it with you. This mount is custom made for the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack to provide a perfect fit that holds the battery securely until you’re ready to remove it.

This dock is designed to be used with the official Apple Lightning to USB cable, like the one that was included with your iPhone. It will fit an Apple Lightning to USB-C cable or an Apple Lightning to USB-A cable depending on the option you choose when adding it to your cart.

This updated version has a tighter fit for the Lightning plug so it will firmly stay put when you pull out your battery pack. The cable can still be removed with some effort, but please note that it’s recommended to dedicate the cable to this charger until you no longer want to use the dock.

To install the cable:

- Push the Lightning connector through the hole in the bottom of the dock

- Plug the Lightning connector into the battery pack

- Insert the battery pack into the dock, use both hands to push the dock and the battery together until the cable is fully inserted

MagSafe battery pack and charging cable are not included. A Philips head screwdriver is required for installation.

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